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Monday, 24 September 2012 09:38

New 3rd generation cabin control from Lantic

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While  the  integrated  entertainment  systems  developed  by  Lantic  are  generally  associated  with  the enjoyment of TV, movies, music, games and the internet, the increasing convergence of entertainment and IT means that Lantic systems are becoming ever more capable and versatile.  One example of this is the been  a  feature  for  several  years,  and  now  Lantic  is  showing  for  the  first  time  at  MYS  2012  its  third generation cabin control unit ‐ the YCS ‐ along with its stylish new keypad. 

The  new  YCS  (Yacht  Control  System)  is  more  compact  than  ever  to  aid  installation,  and  can  now  be accessed that  all  its  features  can  be  operated  and  adjusted  using  iPads  /  iPhones  with  the  free  Lantic  app installed  or  with  the  normal  Lantic  remotes  if  the  cabin  is  equipped  with  the  Lantic  Entertainment Centre.

With one YCS fitted in each cabin or zone, it has ample capacity by using the worldwide standard DALI interface  to  control  up  to  10  Dali  lighting  groups  with  up  to  64 addressable  units  each,  plus  up  to  32  DMX  addresses  also  for lighting  control.  Optional  outputs  include  air‐conditioning,  blinds and  lifts  and  there  are  also  six  analogue  input  connections  for standard buttons or PIR sensors. 

While  remote  control  comes  as  standard,  fixed  keypads  remain popular with owners and less technically‐minded guests.  With this in mind, Lantic has designed an elegant new model that combines a contemporary  design  and  the  latest  OLED  technology  with traditional‐type  buttons  for  that  feeling  of  positive  contact. Needless to say, it is also fully programmable via Ethernet.                                             

For  owners  and  guests,  this  integration  of  entertainment  and  environmental  control  gives  them complete command of their local environment from the comfort of their chair or bed via a single, easy to operate remote control. For less mobile guests, additional features such as steward call can be specified for peace of mind.

This new product is the latest in Lantic's program of introducing new system components that are more capable, more compact and which use less power.

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